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How to Style Chikankari Kurta for Winters: A Blend of Tradition and Warmth

Chikankari, the traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India, is renowned for its delicate and intricate designs. While often associated with summer due to its light fabric and airy feel, Chikankari kurtas can be styled beautifully for the winter season too. In this blog, we'll explore various ways to style a Chikankari kurta for winters, ensuring you stay warm without compromising on style.

Layering is Key

1. Pair with a Woolen Shawl or Stole
A woolen shawl or stole not only adds warmth but also complements the elegance of a Chikankari kurta. Opt for shawls with subtle embroidery or patterns to maintain the kurta's charm.
2. Wear with a Long Coat or Jacket
For a more contemporary look, layer your Chikankari kurta with a long coat or a stylish jacket. This not only keeps you cozy but also adds a modern twist to your traditional attire.
3. Team Up with Sweaters or Cardigans
Slip on a snug sweater or a cardigan over your kurta. Choose colors that contrast or complement your kurta for a harmonious look.
Bottoms for the Cold
1. Palazzos or Trousers in Warmer Fabrics
Instead of light cotton, choose palazzos or trousers in warmer fabrics like wool or velvet. These provide comfort and warmth while maintaining the outfit's elegance.
2. Layered Leggings or Thermal Tights
For extremely cold days, thermal tights or layered leggings under the kurta can be a lifesaver. They offer the needed insulation without adding bulk.
Footwear and Accessories
1. Boots or Closed Shoes
Swap your sandals for boots or closed shoes. They not only keep your feet warm but also add a chic element to your outfit.
2. Warm and Stylish Accessories
Add winter accessories like woolen caps, scarves, or gloves. These can be matched with the color of your kurta or shawl for a coordinated look.
Fabric Considerations
While traditional Chikankari is done on light fabrics like cotton, for winters, opt for kurtas in thicker fabrics like silk, khadi, or even light wool. These materials provide warmth while still showcasing the exquisite Chikankari work.
Color Palette for Winters
Choose Chikankari kurtas in darker shades or with vibrant embroidery for the winter season. Colors like deep blues, rich reds, and emerald greens are perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the cold days.
Styling a Chikankari kurta for winters is all about balancing warmth and fashion. By layering appropriately, choosing the right bottoms, and accessorizing smartly, you can transform this classic summer wear into a stylish winter outfit. Embrace the cold season with these styling tips and continue to enjoy the timeless beauty of Chikankari all year round!

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